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Lime Production – Construction Material Plants

Since 1965 our company has been active in the sector of construction material production; our name has come to mean high quality, consistency and reliability for all sectors we have been active in.

Today, more than 50 years after it was established, the company still holds a prominent place in the market of construction materilas.
Showing the innovative spirit once again, we have formed DELIOPOULOI LTD which now produces SOVAMIX ready-to-use mortar mixes at its own ultra-modern plant.

The enterprise aspires to meet its clients’ needs at every construction stage in the best possible way. We continuously seek and recommend new construction materilas to ensure optimal results.

DELIOPOULOI LTD owns all necessary types of transport vehicles, such as dump trucks, cranes and various others, which transport all materilas to be delivered promptly to our customers’ premises.

Company’s headquarters and accounting office